collaboration beer 1.0

beer name: JUNE
release date: November 11 2022
Style: Texas Wild Ale
Collaborators: Hold Out Brewing X Community Cultures X TexMalt X Big Chicken & Baby Bird

About the beer:
After more than a few beers and fanciful conversations with our friends at Hold Out Brewing, we settled on brewing a true Texas wild ale as our first ever real world (outside of our garage) beer. With the help of Hold Out, we started discussions with the fine folks at Community Cultures Yeast Lab who introduced us to three proprietary wild yeast strains they had collected from all across the great state of Texas: El Monte Manor, Ocotillo, and Chisos. Three test brews and many tasting sessions later, we settled on El Monte as our yeast of choice for this wild Texas creation. The recipe was set but the collab quickly grew. We recruited TexMalt to bring home the wild Texas theme by providing a 100% Texas grown and malted grain bill and to top it off we brought in our good friends and long-time collaborators Big Chicken & Baby Bird to provide the label art.

Tasting Notes: